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Lunatic Realtor Attacks Signs with Watermelon and His Fists

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Tim Maitski, a real estate agent with Atlanta Communities, is trying to sell some sign posts but his endorsement is... odd. In an effort to compare two types of listing signage, the maniacal realtor spends three and a half minutes doing all-out battle with the inanimate objects. He kicks at them with his loafers and swats at them like a drunk frat boy defending his girl at the bar. When that fails to take the signs down, he fires up a lawnmower and charges the things repeatedly. The onslaught continues with a tire, a weighted ball and an 18-pound watermelon. The watermelon toss is filmed in slow motion, which makes it somewhat unnerving, particularly when Maitski follows the attack with a goofy slow-mo grin. When one sign begins showing marks of fatigue, he taunts, "This one needs some viagra! Look at that! Erectile dysfunction!" while a girl off-screen cackles, "I just peed myself!"

The assault continues for two more minutes, as Maitski becomes increasingly out of breath, angrily shoving the inferior sign into a garbage can and screaming, "The stupid thing is stuck in there!" at a stick, just before the shot cuts off mid-sentence. It turns into a full-on ad about halfway through, but the intensity and insanity of the first half is nothing short of fascinating.

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