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Despite Gazebo, Underwood Hills House Resorts to Slashing

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The therapeutic wonderfulness of gazebos cannot be overstated. George Washington had one. Thomas Jefferson adored them. Ancient Chinese fisherman built them to woo chicks. Yet, despite having a glorious gazebo with sturdy metalwork and billowing sheets, and despite that gazebo being perched in the backyard like the altar to relaxation that it is, this house in Underwood Hills has not found the right gazebo enthusiast willing to fork over $550,000. And that price comes after a $19,900 price slash today. The listing agent stresses the value of this gazebo with three exclamation points, like this!!! Beyond it, perks include the swell front porch, bountiful archways, overall size (3,023 square feet) and its North Atlanta High School district. On the downside, the rooms seem a tad cramped. The harsh flash in the listing photos isn't doing the house any favors — and neither is that master-bathroom chandelier or the Italian wall mural in the sitting room. But logic tells us a gazebo shall overcome.
· 1095 Davis Circle NW []