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Contemplating ATL's Gaudiest Bathrooms at $15.9M Manse

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Despite a $4 million price chop and sparkling new listing photos, Atlanta's undisputed gaudiest home still can't sell, so let's look at it from a fresh angle: the bathrooms. Fifteen bathrooms in a single home probably qualifies as excessive, especially given the perplexing bed-bath ratio here. This well-plumbed West Paces property, sited across the street from the Governor's Mansion, has been on the market since before Nathan Deal became a neighbor. Disappointingly, only two loos at Big Poppa's former manse made the photo gallery, but they at least offer a glimpse of the scenic options available to those answering the call of nature. One bathroom is a classical oasis complete with dome and oculus (for the sensation of relieving yourself in the Parthenon). Conversely, there's a bathroom where it looks like a dot-matrix printer exploded on the ceiling. What the other thirteen look like remains a mystery, though it's unlikely they're mere holes in the floor.

More than just a bathroom showcase, the Zillow listing highlights the "ballroom, cigar room, theater, two gyms, seven kitchens [and] recording studio." If there were any doubts to the home's ability to double as a country club, there is also a wellness center and nail and hair salon. With all those amenities, the ludicrous number of latrines seems a bit more reasonable. Or maybe not.

Zillow lists the home (just shy of 25,000 square feet) as having four bedrooms and 14 baths (for those keeping track, a ratio of 1:3.5), which seems a wholly disproportionate proliferations of potties. The realtor's website indicates nine bedrooms to accompany the 11 full and four half baths, resulting in a slightly more reasonable ratio of 1:1.67.

However the numbers fall, it's safe to assume that whoever pays the king's ransom of $15.9 million — or drastically less than that, if the sellers are as desperate as rumors suggest — will have plenty of porcelain-throne options.

— Michael Kahn

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