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Prices Steadily Climb at Patch of Kirkwood Townhomes

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While not the Shire, a new development in Kirkwood could have homeowners living out their LotR fantasies on Elvan Circle. The cluster of 14 single-family townhomes, billed as Kirkwood Green, has been slowly arriving on the market over the course of roughly a year. The neighborhood of detached townhomes sits on a cul-de-sac just off DeKalb Avenue and, despite a lackluster Walk Score of 53, is within walking distance of the East Lake MARTA station, Oakhurst Park and the shops and restaurants along both College Avenue and Hosea Williams Drive. Trulia lists a staggering 50 properties available within a three-block zone surrounding the development. With the glut of real estate, one might expect these townhomes to dip below the high-$300,000s, the initial price point last year. But not in this market! Those still available are listed substantially higher, up to $427,000. The steadily increasing prices could indicate that the developer has faith in the neighborhood evolving into one of the new "in" places to live, but is there a ceiling in sight?

For the buyer seeking the charm of older intown neighborhoods, these homes are not the place to be looking. The designs are uninspired, replicating the ubiquitous homes being thrown up across the metro area in the last few years, typified by feigned historicism and tacky lick-and-stick shutters. However, the homes are sizable and reasonably well appointed, with kitchens featuring high-end finishes with stainless appliances, some swanky granite countertops and hardwood floors. There are at least five three and four-bedroom models still available, though the photos on the Acadia website all show the same house — unless the project is just that cookie-cutter. It's worth nothing that, earlier this year, a $387,000 townhome here dominated an older competitor from Buckhead in a highly scientific Real Estate Deathmatch poll.

— Michael Kahn

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