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ATL Listing Photo Roundup: Questionable Choices Edition

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Each week, thousands upon thousands of listing photos pour onto the Internet in well-meaning attempts to highlight properties around Atlanta. Some of them are great. But some embody questionable choices by owners and agents. Occasionally we dig through them to bring you the best! Well, the worst. And the oddest. And the ugliest. And the funniest. Maybe we can all learn something. Enjoy!
— Tyler Estep

· 959 Dill Ave. SW

The lighting is artistic, the paint immaculate.


· 956 Stovall Boulevard NE

Not much to complain about at this $2.7 million Brookhaven mansion — but a human statue in the living room? That wouldn't scare the bejeezus out of you in the middle of the night.


· 1116 E. Confederate Ave.

To hell with peaches — this Ormewood Park infant digs Georgia's real state crop.


· 770 Drewry St. NE

In Virginia-Highland, $1.2 million buys you the sensation of bathing in a hollow Xanax.


· 389 Bass St. SW

How this glorious shot ended up in the listing for a $30,000 fixer-upper across the highway from Turner Field, we're not sure. But nothing says, "We're taking this sale seriously" like this photo.


· 250 Park Ave. W Unit 611

This table is where you sit when you're in timeout.


· 447 Ira St. SW

Special offer: You can have this townhome for free if Derrick Rose's knees last an entire NBA season. Or, randomly, if Dan Uggla is a 2015 All-Star.


· 3376 Peachtree Road Unit 42A

The views in question do exist at this $1.9 million condo at the Mandarin Oriental, we're sure — but something seems a liiiittle fishy about the way they're shown here (and in other photos). Or maybe we're just unaccustomed to skilled photography.


· 923 Peachtree St. NE

Because Georgia chicks dig snowshoes.

· 50 Biscayne Drive Unit 1113

WE CAN SEE YOU, SIR. (And for the love of God, shoot your photos in landscape).


· 2680 Knox St. NE

Sadly, the $559,000 price tag on this under-construction Oakhurst home doesn't include the Amazing Stilt-Walking Construction Worker.