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Bold Visions Sought for Entire Length of Memorial Drive

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From downtown Atlanta to many points east, Memorial Drive has always felt a bit ragtag, if not downtrodden — but with the potential to become vital. With a Beltline connection in the works and revitalizing neighborhoods feeding off of it, Memorial Drive could finally be poised for a comeback.

Now, a Georgia Tech design studio project called "Imagine Memorial" seeks to collaborate with community members and city officials to make the corridor more attractive for residents, visitors and businesses. At 6 p.m. tonight, they'll host a downtown presentation (City Hall Atrium, 55 Trinity Ave. SW) that could serve as a vital first step.

According to a meeting preview, a comprehensive design plan for the entire Memorial Drive corridor will be created to "shape future development along Memorial Drive and direct the City of Atlanta, MARTA, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) on future infrastructure decisions and projects." At the meeting, the public is invited to "review previous master plans developed by the neighborhoods and new data collected by the Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning."

Community members are encouraged to offer their 2 cents on how the project should shape up. An open house before and after the meeting will allow for the opportunity to interact one-on-one with representatives from the Georgia Tech design team.

The initiative sounds similar to the Northside Drive studies that envision the Westside corridor as a "grand boulevard" dotted with mixed-use development and key attractions. It'll take some doing (and several years, at least), but do you think Memorial Drive has the potential to thrive that some think it does?

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