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Buckhead Monster has 'Most Exquisite Details You've Seen'

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This faux-old behemoth in Buckhead was recently re-listed at the same whopping price as before, and it still includes "the most exquisite details you have seen," the listing agent boldly states. Designed by William T. Baker, the home was built in 2008, and its $12.9 million ask is good enough for the top five priciest listings in Atlanta at the moment. That's a high, high number, but this isn't exactly a run-of-the-mill Buckhead mansion, with its nearly 18,000 square feet, four finished levels and endless array of rooms that lean a little rustic in places, and stuffily traditional in others. High-net-worth winos will enjoy the 1,500-bottle cellar that's truly ridiculous, and there's a windowless bunker of a dining room, ostensibly for enjoying said wine. Of course, there's a full movie theater and home gym. More exquisite touches include the elevator and the dining room with a minstrel gallery for musical performances.
· 3270 Nancy Creek Road NW [Estately]