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Which of These 304 Proposed Projects Should Actually Happen?

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With Streets Alive, the Beltline, the Green Lane Project, the PATH Foundation, a possible bike-share program, it's clear that Atlanta is paying attention to its cyclists (and trying to create new ones), but how much should go toward bike-related projects when the city divvies up the proposed $250 million infrastructure bond? The money can be used to repair roads, bridges, sidewalks and community facilities as well as to improve life for Atlanta's cyclists. The list of priorities includes 12 Complete Streets projects with bikeways ($23.3 million worth), including DeKalb Avenue and Peachtree Street. But the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition says it's not enough: "In order to achieve Mayor Reed's ambitious goal of becoming a top ten city for cycling by 2016 — by doubling our miles of bikeways and percentage of bike commuters and creating a safe bike network for bike share users — we need to do more!" They'd like to see 15 percent of the bond (aka $37.5 million) go toward bikeways, but there are 304 proposed projects to choose from and plenty of them seem important. What should be prioritized?

An interactive online map shows 304 proposed projects — all $335,081,184 worth of them — that could potentially receive some of the bond dollars. If you've got a whole lot of time on your hands, you can comment on each and every one. Some of the things on the table are:
• $36 million worth of ADA ramp replacements
• $21.6 million in repairs to the city's curbs
• $52.6 million for fire and police stations
• $23.8 million in replacement bridges
• $39.2 million worth of park improvements
• $23.3 million for Complete Streets.
• $40 million in replacement sidewalks
• $21 million in street lights

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[Cash photo by Nick Ares on Flickr.]