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Plans Emerge for Cove of 13 Reynoldstown Abodes

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Everything appears to be swiftly moving along at Rtown Lane, a unique cluster of 13 homes in the works off Kirkwood Avenue in the heart of Reynoldstown. The website for Abode, the project's architect and builder, bursts with fresh details about the development, including sketches (modern but not outlandish), a site plan (creative, homey) and floorplans (two- and three-story, with parking and an emphasis on porches). The website also includes plenty of descriptions like this, which make Rtown Lane sound like an idyllic country road in the heart of the city: "… (The) drive that traverses the site and provides secluded parking to each home … will become a natural and attractive gathering spot for future residents. It will be demarked by handsome granite piers, paved with durable pervious pavers, bathed in nice light from sleek catenary cable-hung pendants and terminated in a sweet garden amenity perfect for intimate gatherings." Now isn't that a verbal bubble bath?

Abode, led by founder and president Christopher Leerssen, is actually headquartered right in Reynoldstown, about 500 feet from the Rtown Lane site. Relatively new in the custom-built intown Atlanta game, Leerssen is responsible for the two Chester Avenue homes featured here. Some might call this style "modern but not too modern" or "Scandinavian Dixie." The Abode website puts it like this: "Our company is not beholden to a certain style or look, our desire is to create modern interpretations and elaborations of our rich contexts. Many of the folk and vernacular designs found in older parts of our cities and countryside embody simplicity and beauty worthy of emulation even today."

April or July 2015 "ready" dates are listed for eight of Rtown's 13 units, and five of them are already under contract for prices between $280,000 and $415,000.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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