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Rent a $1.5M House for $1,500/Month... but There's a Catch

Atlanta rents are on the rise, but how far would you go to get a discount? K&J Design Group's Show Us Your Furniture program asks potential renters (sorry, "home managers") to submit photos of their "gorgeous furniture" to qualify to live in steeply discounted, fancy-pants digs. The good news is that you can live in a $1.5 million house for $1,500/month. The bad news is that you have to keep it staged, decorated and ready to show to potential buyers at a moment's notice (no dirty dishes or IKEA bookshelves here!). And when it's sold, you'll need to pack your nice furniture and get the hell out. You can move into another home in the program, but really, who wants to move a house full of furniture once every few months? The expense of that might just outweigh the rent savings.

This $1.5 million (according to K&J's website), 5,048-square-foot North Buckhead house on Emma Lane asks $1,500 in rent... if your furniture is pretty enough.

The program is available for renters in Atlanta and Florida. Some other homes the site lists as available:

Is this a good way to get free staging for homes that are for sale or just too big a pain in the butt for renters, even with the discount?