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Buy a Haunted Old Hotel in Buford for $750K... If You Dare

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There is no better time of year to consider owning your own haunted historic building. And you're in luck because there's one available on Main Street in downtown Buford. All you need is $750,000 and a big dose of courage. The 20,000-square-foot building was, once upon a time, the city's first hotel. The Merchant Hotel, as it was known in 1892, sat across from the train depot and welcomed salesmen from Atlanta and beyond. Today, it houses a few offices and an antique store, but plenty of original features remain: The hotel room doors (now displayed as art rather than used as doors), the original wood floors, tongue-and-groove ceilings, brick fireplaces, transom windows... oh, and the dead girl who lives upstairs.

People have reported seeing a young woman — in her early 20s — on the building's upper level, in a front room. No one seems to know who she is, but a paranormal investigator awoke to find the creepy visitor hanging out in the room while he slept.

In fact, the whole town of Buford has been rumored to be busting at the seams with ghostly activity. Up and down the street, business owners have reported voices, eerie sounds, cold spots, moving furniture, flying dishes. An AJC article from 2003 referred to it as "Buford Triangle."

For more photos of the building's interior, head to the Gwinnett Daily Post's gallery then decide if you think the scare is worth the price.

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