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Brand-New Modern Overlooking LaVista Park Asks $1.4M

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There's just something about the right angles and gray facade of this modern house that brings to mind a sinister Transformer, poised to morph into a robot that leaps to its feet and trundles around the neighborhood. But it's probably just a house. Almost certainly, in fact. Built just this year by Bryan Craig Development, the four-bedroom, 4.5-bath structure overlooks LaVista Park and sits on a leafy residential street amid its decidedly less contemporary peers. The 4,850-square-foot interior is far more welcoming/less robotic than the stern gray exterior with hardwoods, soaring ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that bring nature inside. The rooftop terrace with an outdoor fireplace is a nice touch, as is the separate au pair/inlaw suite on the terrace level. The house/possible Deceptacon can be yours for $1,395,000.
· 1242 Wild Creek Trail [Zillow]