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Midtown Condo's Mondo Patio Makes Agent Say, "OMG"

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For the first time since the curvy 1010 Midtown building debuted in 2008, an original buyer has decided to cough up their skypark-level condo. That's coming from the listing agent, who clearly goes gaga over spacious outdoor living at — bold statement alert! — "the best location in Midtown." The building offers only eight of these patio units, where the living room flows outside and explodes into a verdant wonderland, all poised a few stories above Peachtree and Crescent Avenue. The exterior space helps compensate for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo that doesn't exactly sprawl at 1,189 square feet. The eighth-floor amenities level is impressive, and access doesn't get more direct than this, though that could be a problem with some buyers paranoid of keeping others out. The $524,500 ask isn't chump change, though it seems to be on par with other 1010 Midtown units with less functional layouts. Enjoying the amenities would be key here, because with HOA fees of $360/month, you'd certainly be paying for them.
· 1080 Peachtree St. Unit 813 [Coldwell Banker]