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This Unassuming Exterior Belies the Slick Renovation Within

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From the street, most people wouldn't see a $750,000 house here, despite the Brookwood Hills location. And if Atlanta is truly about style over substance, that might be to the property's detriment. But this could be Eden for buyers who covet subdued exteriors and contemporary interiors that make a splash. Tucked off Peachtree Street, near the confluence of Buckhead and Midtown, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom overhaul has expertly masked its 1955-ness with open spaces, Viking appliances, Carrara marble, ritzy chandeliers and the general feel of a W Hotel lobby. All throughout these 2,200 square feet, the furnishings do wonders for punching up the modern pizzazz. (Is that a life-size portrait of Robert Downey Jr.?) Outside, the three-car carport is nice, but at this price point, buyers will probably crave grander outdoor spaces than a small deck. But again, it's not the outside that this house is concerned about.
· 171 Huntington Road NE [Zillow]