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Agent: This $2.2M Condo is Greatest in Midtown's History

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Brashly billed by the agent as "the most compelling and sophisticated condo to ever hit the market in Midtown," unit 4740 at the Four Seasons building has quite a distinction to live up to. The 3,138-square-foot unit on the 47th floor, perched above the four-star hotel, recently underwent an overhaul with the style trending toward classic over contemporary. With paneled walls, a formal dining room, fancy art lighting and hardware that the listing agent calls out by name, this place is for those who like ornament and frou-frou over sleek and modern. While the gracious kitchen and luxurious looking bathrooms are impressive, the real selling point is outside. Facing south, unobstructed views of Midtown and downtown provide a serene backdrop in the borderline stuffy living spaces. The views might be great, but in the summer the blazing Georgia sun might be tough to mediate; don't worry, the hideously corporate draperies are included in the cost. At $2.25 million, however, the lap of luxury doesn't come cheap. — Michael Kahn

· 75 Fourteenth St., Unit 4740 [Estately]