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Semi-Reasonably Priced Apartments Approved for Kirkwood

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Apartment buildings are rising across Atlanta, and with them, so too are rents — outrageous case in point: Avalon. While many of the developments have been focused on the north and central parts of the city, the Atlanta City Council has brought the trend to the southeast side, giving Euramex the go-ahead for a building in Kirkwood. And the best news is the units trend toward the "marginally more affordable than most new buildings" end of the spectrum, with rents projected between $1,100 for a one-bedroom and $1,600 for a two-bedroom. Located behind Kirkwood Station, the proposed building gained neighborhood approval a few months back, and with the blessing of the city can now proceed. But don't get too excited about these attractively priced new digs coming any time soon. Decaturish reports that while the company intends for a timeline that is "shorter rather than longer," planning and permitting the project may not be realized for at least two years. The developers, unlike many others in the sizzling Atlanta market, are in no rush to erect these rentals, which could make you wonder if the hesitation is justified.

[Plans via Dwell Design Studio.]

· Zoning approved for Euramex's Kirkwood project [Decaturish]
[ABOVE: Image via Decaturish.]