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For $1M, This Big Beige Home is more Banal than Wow

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When most people drop more than $1 million on a house, they're looking for something special. For those who want little flair, we've found the home for you: with literally no curb appeal to speak of — unless you count a curved roof and really pointy tree — the new listing at 2881 Elliott Circle in Buckhead fits the "blah" bill. With the majority of the front yard covered by the concrete driveway, at least lawn care shouldn't take long. Inside, things don't really get that much more exciting, with the highlight being the dining room with ceiling beams (don't worry, all painted white) and a bold eggplant color. The rest of the home is done in muted earth tones, with a khaki kitchen and a main stair which can only be described as tall and tan. Overall, the listing photos make the home seem compartmentalized compared to the open-concept plans so popular today. Lots of windows provide ample natural light, and there is plenty of potential for personalization by whoever chooses to buy this five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 5,316 square foot snooze-a-palooza.

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