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Form Ain't Cutting it for this Sweeping Morningside Modern

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While Atlanta seemingly can't get enough new modern homes, a true capital "m" Modern, constructed in the late aughts, has been languishing on the market in Morningside. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house at 1109 Berkshire Road was listed more than four months ago. With a crisp white façade and steeply pitched roofs set back on a lush green hill, the home is a stunner from the street. Inside, the soaring white spaces glow with ample natural light, coupled with a minimalist approach to furnishing and decorating, epitomizing the principles of Modernism espoused by architectural pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The agent invokes the words of another noted architect, Louis Sullivan, stating that the home embodies the moniker "form follows function" — though to be technical, Sullivan said "form ever follows function." The backyard leaves something to be desired, but overall the house shows well; despite the function or form of the home, the $2.8 million price tag might be contributing to the lack of a buyer.

·1109 Berkshire Road [Estately]