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Boxy Cottage in Decatur Seeks more than 1/2 Million

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Decatur is an increasingly desirable part of town, owing to its walkability, strong schools and small-town appeal, and the seller of 344 Coventry Road seems ready to cash in. A charmingly classical brick cottage from 1938, the little white home sits off Scott Boulevard, a mile from Decatur Square; the Walk Score of 39 highlights that it might not fit the typical Atlantan's idea of an easy stroll, however. Formerly a GE Appliances Showcase Home, it's been tastefully updated to the extreme, with high end finishes and tricked-out appliances. While the listing says the home is 2,100 square feet, the photos make the place seem much tighter — because why else would someone put a computer in their butler's pantry? With three bedrooms and two baths, coupled with the not-so-walkable location, the listing price of $524,900 might smack as extreme, but that's a fairly typical ask for sizable homes in the city these days. It's a far cry from the 2004 purchase price of $214,000, but that was certainly pre-renovations, and long before Decatur's residential heat wave.

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