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Quirky Mid-Century Time Capsule Seeks Love — and $749K

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Deep within the woods of Sandy Springs, snuggled up to a 1-acre pond, this throwback abode is like a residential time machine, and the next stop is 1966. With its secluded nature and four bedrooms, it could be the most readymade home in ITP Atlanta for a good ol' fashioned key party. The listing photos should play bwouwng-chickee-woung-woung; bwouwng-chickee-woung-woung music by default. On a serious note — the price: $749,900. It might have a prized school district and more than 2,000 square feet, but that kind of jack will beckon only a hardcore mid-century purist, or someone who really loves balconies. There's a triple-balcony front façade — and several more pond-facing outdoor spaces off the back. It has skylights, funky paneling and enough whacky angles to make a high school geometry teacher swoon. The airy kitchen appears fully modernized, with a puzzling injection of powder-blue cabinetry. The listing agent calls the 2.4-acre setting a "natural paradise" that's "fun and magical." A perfect setting for ruining your marriage with some bwouwng-chickee-woung-woung.

· 5260 W. Kingston Court [Coldwell Banker]