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Spacious Euro-style Villa is Spectacularly Over-the-Top

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Between grotesquely ornate mantelpieces and overwhelmingly detailed crown-moulding, the turn-of-the-millennium manse at 1100 Garmon Drive in Mt. Paran/Northside is a sight to behold. The over-the-top mood is set at the entrance, with a pair of curved staircases with more iron lace than the city of New Orleans. Set on two acres, the home features soaring ceilings, a wood-paneled office fit for a president, a safe room, a movie theater (though not a very nice one) and enough "space for a pool." The expansiveness of many of the rooms cannot be overstated, with the listing photos showing hefty pieces of furniture looking downright diminutive in never-ending seas of white carpet and wood floors. While words can't describe certain aspects the home, "outrageously ostentatious" will have to suffice for the property at large. The fireplace mantels have life-size people on them, for goodness' sake. And for just $2.7 million, 11,406 square feet is one hell of a bargain; assuming you can swing the $20/month HOA fees.

·1100 Garmon Drive [Estately]