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1916 Condo near Piedmont has Charm, Views, Garish Colors

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In 1916, the population of metro Atlanta was around half a million, Asa Candler was mayor and the Elliott condos were being built at 6th Street and Piedmont Avenue. Almost a century later, a top-floor unit is on the market and priced to sell. After being listed for $230,000 in January, the price was chopped $45,000 before being yanked from the market in July. Now back for sale at $189,000, the 1,039-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo offers ample space at a great location. The rooms are large and light-filled, and the hardwood floors, glass door knobs and beautiful wood trim are original. While much of the historic charm remains, some of the color choices are clearly more recent additions. The front, glassed-in porch is painted astroturf green, while another room is unapologetically orange (maybe move-in ready for a Vols fan, but for the rest of us it's nothing paint can't fix). Those who can see past the garish colors and tight kitchen and bathroom will be rewarded with fantastic views of Midtown, including Bank of America Plaza. Advice: negotiate a scouring brush into the deal, to save the brick from that green paint.

·820 Piedmont Avenue, Apt. 5 [Zillow]