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Canadians Find Intrigue, Romance, Zero Rednecks in ATL

A Vancouver journalist and her husband recently spent a weekend in Atlanta, and despite their initial reticence, seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves on the romantic excursion. The experience was so remarkable that, upon returning to the land of poutine and Mounties, she penned a glowing report for her countrymen. Whether the article is a means of writing off a much-needed vacation, or just a natural reaction to all the great things we have going here, is unclear. Whatever the motivation, the piece offers a nice perspective of a first-time visitor's view of the city, and shows just how low people's expectations are the city can really excite with a dizzying array of options.

It's always a bit demoralizing when an article about a visit to Atlanta starts off with the caveat that "Atlanta seemed like an odd vacation choice." Sure, we know that many people don't take us seriously after we opened the Olympics with a whole bunch of chromed-out pickup trucks, but is that any reason to think we can't have a lot going on? The reporter talks of the history, culture and sheer bliss of wandering Piedmont Park, before devoting more than a few paragraphs to the food. One highlight: "Atlanta is an eater's paradise." It's funny to see that the reasons she loved Atlanta dovetail rather well with the list released this week by CNN, and that no one can resist a trip to the Vortex. Four days is hardly enough time to become thoroughly acquainted with Atlanta — she thought the best shopping was at Atlantic Station, poor woman — but it's nice to know we're capable of making a profoundly positive impression.

While it's hard to tell if she thoroughly enjoyed Atlanta because of all the great stuff we have, or if she just really, really, really needed a vacation from her children, the fact of the matter is some Canadians have been told we are great. And what more do you need to have a good day, eh?

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