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Edgewood Seller: Can You Please Make Fun of My House?

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The seller of this two-bedroom Edgewood bungalow on Memorial Drive chimes in with the hilarious request that someone "make fun" of it. Then he mocks the Imagine Memorial campaign that would directly, positively impact his very street. And he points out the listing agent's suspect claim that a buyer could "walk" to the Edgewood Retail District from here. Look, nobody sets out to ridicule anyone's most valuable possession (unless it has couch swings), but in the course of researching a range of properties with appeal that extends beyond their respective neighborhoods, giving an honest opinion can naturally beget criticism. That being said, this house sucks! Let's start with the lockable mailbox, which is always an encouraging sign. Now come around back, where there's a half-ass driveway with no concrete and a shed that makes Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment look like the Ronald McDonald House.

With the square footage (1,168) of an average two-bedroom condo, the house is cozy (euphemism), with abundant hardwood floors that are actually heated in the master. Okay, okay, so the updated kitchen looks pretty strong, with that oversized farm sink, modern faucet and agreeable backsplash. But the faucet in the secondary bathroom screams "elementary school." At least this place is close to the interstate, which makes getting away from it that much easier. But hey, for $156,000 you can't exactly expect couch swings.