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Fernbank to Debut Forest Wonderland in Summer '16

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The Fernbank Museum of Natural History has announced expansion plans focusing on increasing access and providing an immersive experience in the 75-acre Fernbank Forest, located behind the museum. The plan features "dramatic tree pods," which happen to look like incredibly large turnips, nestled into what the museum purports to be one of the largest old-growth urban forests in the United States. The 10-acre project will leave 65 acres of the forest untouched, while providing a heightened level of interactivity with nature — because nature is something that only exists in museums now, apparently.

The museum's press release touts many amenities set to open in the summer of 2016. Beyond the hanging turnips, there will be play areas among the restored wetlands featuring sensory stations (because that's a thing), adventure nets (hopefully with an upgraded insurance policy) and something called water-cycle activities. Trails that run through the forest and up into the trees will connect all the activities. Watch out Atlanta Botanical Gardens — Fernbank is coming for your Canopy Walk customer base.

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