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For $430K, Castleberry Condo Brings Industrial Psychedelia

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Beyond the industrial-chic character of the exposed original timber columns and beams, the brick walls and wide-plank floors, this 1910 condo in Castleberry Hill has unique touches that lend it serious flair. The expansive master bath — long enough for a round of ten pin — has a psychedelic floor and a large picture window between the soaking tub and the next room, great for the voyeurs. The double-height stairwell and one of the downstairs baths feature wallcoverings worthy of an acid trip. While the unit lacks the private rooftop deck that the building's penthouse has, at 2,800 square feet the buyer won't be wanting for space. And for a few hundred grand less than the penthouse, which has been languishing on the market for well over a year, the $430,000 price tag seems downright affordable. Not convinced? Given the building's former industrial life, a buyer would no longer need to park their car on cold concrete — even the parking garage has hardwood floors. Good luck finding that in a new building.

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