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Flower-Themed Grant Park Home Project Seeks Architects

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A local developer wants to eliminate an eyesore while "redefining the cluster home paradigm" in Grant Park, and all the project needs is someone to design the homes. Pellerin Real Estate has announced plans for property surrounding an abandoned metal warehouse at Grant Park's Eloise and Mercer streets, a couple of blocks east of the actual park. An enclave called "The Rose of Grant Park" — named for Philippe Pellerin's mother, Maria Rosa — would swap the warehouse for eight different homes. The goal, developers say, is for each home to be named for a rose variety and have a unique design, drawing inspiration from roses. An open invite has been extended to all Atlanta architects. "Architects are challenged to use creativity to incorporate these inspirations with functional design and the regulations of the Grant Park Historic District," a news release said. "From the exterior landscaping to the interior design, each home will continue to tell and reinforce a story of the inspired rose."

Obviously, no renderings of the project exist at this point, just a site plan that shows the future homes arranged in pairs and flanked by two mini-parks. Lots will range from 2,400 to 5,800 square feet for the project, which would be built just down the street from another recently proposed home cluster by Epic Development.

Pellerin said it expects ground to break in the spring, but considering architects aren't even signed on (and the project has no concrete design), that claim seems rather ambitious. While we're all for sentimental homages, beautiful flowers and making better use of abandoned warehouses, homes pre-destined for names like, seriously, "The Pinkie Lab," "The Fire House," "The Magic Dragon," "The Alchemist" and "The Skyrocket Tower" seem more like a bad trip than paradigm-shifting development.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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