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$1.6M Contemporary Keeps the Disco Era Stayin' Alive

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A newly listed Buckhead home, first constructed in the 1930s, is much more devoted to the disco decade than the days of the Depression. What once might have been a traditional is now a sprawling contemporary with giant windows, soaring ceilings and more white walls than an art museum. While vestiges of the original home peek out through coats of white paint — a few pieces of moulding, some windows with more mullions than one would expect in a contemporary — the 70's vibe is the dominate feature in the home. The highlight is a kitchen straight out of a Nixon-era Gulf Coast condo, with orange Mexican tile floors, white laminate cabinets with wood trim and furniture to match. While the home might be a bit of a time-warp, it isn't lacking for space: 5,427 square feet, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a lush site of more than three-quarters of an acre. At $1.6 million, the home lists on-par with comparable properties in the neighborhood. Anyone into bell bottoms and platforms shoes should hustle on over. This house just wants to be your everything.

· 68 Muscogee Avenue [Estately]