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Tortured Tudor of Many Names Seeks a Suitor

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Shakespeare posed the question, "What's in a name?" If there's an answer to be taken from a newly listed commercial property on the main drag of Avondale Estates, it seems to be, "Not all that much." The former James Joyce Pub/Hail Mary/Avondale Arms/Brewhouse Cafe at 22 North Avondale Road comes on the market after being scooped up in a bankruptcy sale. Located less than a mile from Avondale MARTA station and on a stretch of road ripe for rejuvenation, the 4,500 square foot restaurant/retail space has a lot of potential. That is, if a buyer can look beyond the property's haggard appearance.

It's hard to say what the deal is with the building. The listing photo is lifted from Google street view and gives the potential buyer — who is being asked to hand over $870,000 — very little sense of what they are getting. Beyond steep gabled roofs, half-timbered walls and some slapped on porches, there doesn't seem to be much substance. Also, the building has been unoccupied for two-and-a-half years since it went through four names in four months before being shuttered. Given the history and lack of interior photos, there's no telling what the interior state might be. For all we know, the ghost of Shakespeare, a contemporary of Tudor-style architecture, might be roaming the property.

In initial attempts to search for more information about the listing, it quickly became apparent that the address on the flyer isn't even correct. With the asking price, it might be time to rethink the marketing scheme on this one.

— Michael Kahn

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