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For Ductwork Lovers, Airy Loft on Beltline Seeks $350K

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Condo shoppers in the market for a cozy traditional unit with crown moldings and such will probably find this place appalling. But the cool kids won't. Newly listed at the Freedom Lofts in Poncey-Highland, this cavernous two-bedroom, two-bathroom space takes the exposed-ductwork aesthetic to the extreme, with metal ceilings and enough steel beams to recall the current state of the new Falcons stadium. This is probably the last place you'd expect to find palm-tree wallpaper border, but sometimes such jarring juxtapositions can be fun. Perks abound here, however, and not the least of which is the "private balcony" (hello, neighbor) up top that literally overlooks the Eastside Trail. Built in 2001 as part of a larger complex, the layout makes this place a cousin to townhouses, though the square footage (1,292) shouts condo. The ask is $350,000, with $338 HOA fees that lean a tad higher than comparable units in the area. Although Two Urban Licks and Famous Kroger are within spitting distance, the Walk Score remains a suspiciously low 66.

· 400 Village Parkway NE [Estately]