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Pretty New Images of Cobb Braves Development Emerge

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Today, Atlanta's big-league baseball team released new images of the massive mixed-use development being built in conjunction with SunTrust Park, and buzzwords like "dynamic" and "365-day-a-year community" and "buzzing year-round" came with them. Officials say the project, currently rising next to Interstate 75 at the Perimeter, will encompass 60 contiguous acres (for context, that's about 1/3 the size of Piedmont Park) and will integrate with the existing commercial district. The architecture, they promise, will be a mix of styles — think: glass meets brick, Atlantic Station meets Post Properties — juxtaposed with green spaces, water features and common areas. But sound the womp-womp horn! The massive pool of earlier renderings is MIA! In its place, it appears two glassy mid-rise structures will stand.

The team also announced that Atlanta-based architectural design firm Wakefield Beasley & Associates will spearhead design of the mixed-used development. Their credits include a variety of shopping-centric projects around the Southeast, including The Forum in Norcross, Town Center at Atlantic Station and Avalon in Alpharetta. The plans, officials stress, will incorporate more than 6,000 parking spaces adjacent to SunTrust Park and within the mixed-use community, "with thousands more within walking distance of the ballpark." That's about 2,500 less spaces than Turner Field offers, but the new stadium will also be substantially smaller.

The designs are subject to change, but these visuals should give a pretty strong indication what Bravos fan will encounter outside the park. The plaza area for pre- and post-game rallies is probably a wise move. According to the team, the new renderings below "provide additional architectural detail (and) highlight the massing of proposed buildings, showcase the interaction of SunTrust Park and various elements of the mixed-use project, and demonstrate the integration of the project with the surrounding area."

So have a look-see. And tell us, Braves faithful, are you ready to play ball now?

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