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Pride Abounds as Curbed Cup Nominations Near Closing

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If the nominations process is any indication, this year's Neighborhood of the Year tournament for the coveted (but fake) Curbed Cup could be a lively one. Nominations for a host of newcomer Atlanta neighborhoods have poured in via email and the comments section, accompanied by prideful notes on why particular parts of Atlanta are reigning supreme right now. Please note: Neighborhood nominations will close this SUNDAY evening. The more nominations your 'hood gets, the higher its position in the tournament bracket. If you nominate more than one neighborhood in your comment/email, we'll be counting the first one you list. (With emails, please use the subject line: "CURBED CUP NOMINATION.") A quick recap: Last year, Kirkwood charged to glory by defeating Grant Park in a finals nail-biter. Old Fourth Ward took home the hardware the year before that. And perennial favorite Inman Park snatched the crown in our inaugural tourney in 2011. Could this be a year of newbie triumphs and rampant upsets? A selection of neighborhood testimonials submitted thus far suggests, "Yes."


"Downtown! Vibrant, walkable, and active. Plenty of attractions, food options, and a great park. Often overlooked, but has some great places to live that are more affordable than Midtown and have a lot more character. A great place to live in the heart of Atlanta!"

"Reynoldstown... It's RED HOT and the ONLY neighborhood bisected by the Beltline (with a new stage currently in the works). Don't forget the NEW WonderRoot Campus, a new John Weiland Homes development, Moda RTown, RTown Lane by Abode, Elan Reynoldstown and the Paces Properties/Atlanta Dairies development with proposed ampitheater(s). This year is Reynoldstown's year."

"Boulevard Heights is the best neighborhood! We're close to downtown yet the neighborhood is quiet with limited traffic. Just a mile from the Zoo, we have lots of residents out walking dogs, jogging, or just admiring the community garden!"

"The Historic West End was one of Atlanta's toniest areas 90 years ago, and the housing stock shows it. There are streets filled with gorgeous Craftsman Bungalows, and there are even a few near-mansions. Amazingly, you can still get a bungalow for under $200K (the mansions are a bit pricier.) The Historic West End is the "queen" of SW Atlanta neighborhoods (but it is certainly not alone as being a great SW neighborhood.) Because of this is gets numerous "firsts", such as * hosted a Streets Alive festival in 2014 and will host another on this spring 2015. * it is the starting point of Beltline (you will find here the "Mile 0" marker where the Beltline was launched by Mayor Shirley Franklin)."

"Brookhaven. Fastest growing zip code in Atlanta (faster than the West Side), new homes that actually aren't cookie-cutter craftsman style, great schools that don't require getting lucky in a charter lottery, and walkable town Brookhaven along with new developments at the MARTA station."

"This area has so much culture and history. There's also tons of potential in this area, which developers are beginning to notice. The area has grown exponentially in the last couple years that I've lived there. As a result, many amazing restaurants and boutiques are popping up all over. And we're even getting a Top Golf. Love my hood."