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5 For-Sale Homes Celebrating Christmas at all Costs

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It's December in Atlanta, which means three things: Disappointing football, that terrifying Pink Pig thing at Lenox, and Christmas decorations starting to show up on real estate listings. The Yuletide signs, random elves and obnoxious garland might make buyers feel warm and fuzzy, but it violates that most sacred listing commandment: Thou Shall Not Clutter. Listing photos for each of the following five homes don't shy away from highlighting festive decor and — whether you think that's bad, good or absolutely irrelevant — they're worth a look. Or a chuckle.

37 Plantation Drive NE, Atlanta

· $749,000
This deceptively large, five-bedroom Buckhead home goes balls out with Christmas decorations, inside and out. Whether it's the lighted polar bear, creepy gnomish Santas or what appears to be a life-size nutcracker at the entryway, all this holiday spirit is sure to help potential buyers get past the rest of the decor, paint colors and furnishings.

365 Clifton Road, Atlanta

· $500,000
For a round half-million, you can make this Candler Park bungalow home. Just make sure you act fast and ask them to include the Christmas tree, poinsettias and big juicy bal — er, ornaments — hanging from the porch.

670 Longwood Drive, Atlanta

· $629,000
This listing has it all: A wreath, garland, and a misspelled holiday hard sell. "Not only a great house," it reads, "but a community of tight-knit neighbors, with kids that play in the front yards & celebrate holidys (sic) together."

4068 McClatchey Circile, Unit 5

· $660,000
All we've got here Christmas-wise is a wreath on the door and some garland. At 4,320 square feet it's a pretty massive North Buckhead home, old but otherwise pretty standar…HOLY GOD LOOK AT ALL THAT WOOD PANELING.

1445 Pontiac Place, Atlanta

· $289,000
Okay, so this fine craftsman in Ormewood Park goes light on the Christmas (wreath only) but heavy on space — the healthy-sized front and back porches, basement and backyard offer plenty of room for Rudolph and all his reindeer buddies to romp and play.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep