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For $460K, Midtown Condo Brings an Itsy-Bitsy Bathtub

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In a sizable Midtown condo currently for sale there sits a tiny, tiny bathtub. Touted in the listing as an "Asian style soaking tub," the basin is practically a super-sized kitchen sink. What makes the tub size all the more ridiculous is the otherwise ample space available in the 1,632 square-foot, two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom unit. Listed two months ago, the condo is going for $460,000, following a $15,000 price chop at the end of October. Aside from the tiny tub, the unit is sleek and light-filled with a well-appointed kitchen and access to Piedmont Park from the patio. Being priced competitively for the market, is it possible the tub is that much of a turnoff?

· 273 12th Street, Unit 422 [Zillow]