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Dunwoody Needs 'Several Million' to Save This 1867 Farmhouse

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[The 1867 Donaldson-Bannister farm. Images via Dunwoody Preservation Trust.]

A farmhouse in Dunwoody, almost 150 years old, is in need of serious repairs. Reporter Newspapers notes that the Donaldson-Bannister farm, which the city acquired four years ago, requires structural stabilization and repairs that could cost "several million" dollars. The city will seek bids for the required stabilization and repairs to make the house water-tight and stop further damage — that work is expected to cost around $225,000. The Dunwoody Preservation Trust is working out ways to raise funds to complete the rest of the work and make the home available to the public. Much like the new Lost Corner Preserve in neighboring Sandy Springs, this project reflects the commitment of many of the new north Fulton cities to preserving their early heritage and making it available to the public.

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