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First Round: (3) Chamblee vs. (14) Adair Park

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Round One of the Curbed Cup, our annual search for Atlanta's neighborhood of the year, continues with two head-to-head votes each day until the results and full tourney bracket of 16 'hoods is revealed on Friday. We know you're waiting with bated breath. Try to hold on. Today's second face-off pits two very different Curbed Cup virgins against one another: Chamblee and Adair Park. May the best 'hood win. You have just 24 hours to choose and cast your ballot.

Chamblee is new to the Curbed Cup this year, but you wouldn't know it by the strong showing of support it got during the nomination period. Referring to itself as the "gateway to Atlanta," Chamblee is chock full o' conveniences: MARTA, its own airport (PDK), easy access to 285 and more antique stores than you can shake grandma's cane at. It has seen some pretty significant commercial growth recently and there's plenty more planned where that came from, including a mixed-use development on Chamblee Tucker Road that recently broke ground. Yes, we know that it is its own city, but it's still ITP.

Despite its lovely gardens and parks, tree-lined streets and adorable bungalows, Adair Park has oft been overlooked by Atlantans looking for a neighborhood to settle down in. The historic neighborhood has remained one of Atlanta's best-kept secrets for years, but that's all changing now that construction has begun on the Beltline's long-awaited Westside Trail. The charming 'hood has a lot to offer potential buyers: easy access to MARTA, a truly diverse and close-knit community (and all of the events that go along with that), a resurgence spurred on by the Beltline's arrival and affordability... at least for now. On the downside, the schools leave something to be desired.

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