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Exquisite Morningside Home Has Character, Fake Heads Galore

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Constructed in 1926, a recently listed home in Morningside — near the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Monroe Drive — is truly putting its best head foot forward. With an "award winning kitchen" (featuring a woven steer head), bedrooms with gorgeous hardwood floors (and cast deer heads on the walls) and a master closet with classy shoe shelving (and a classical bust keeping tabs on everything), there is no shortage of good things to say. Even the awkwardly proportioned TV room gets into the fun with a prominent buck head above the flat screen. A fusion of old and new, it is hard to tell if the detailing is original or a product of the recent renovation, though either way, the array of built-ins, molding and casework really makes the house. Walking distance to Piedmont Park and less than two miles into Midtown, the location coupled with the high-end design ought to make this five bedroom, three bathroom home easily hit the $1 million target.
· 652 Cumberland Circle [Estately]