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Curbed Cup Round 1 Results! There's a Lesson Here

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The 2014 Curbed Cup tournament for Atlanta's neighborhood of the year takes a break today to allow everyone to recover from their Round 1 wounds before Round 2 kicks off on Monday. Not one entrant from our 16 finalists could be accused of lacking passion (not even close). Residents from each and every area presented heartfelt pleas about their 'hood's strong points, their reasons for loving it and why it was so much more special than the competitor. So if there's a lesson to be derived from this very serious, very important contest with a fake trophy, it's that the passion shown here, Atlantans' love for our neighborhoods and our neighbors, is what makes Atlanta so amazing as a whole. Not every city has that. Enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling until the bloodlust continues with Round 2 next week.

The results are in. Some were close (looking at you, Reynoldstown versus East Atlanta and Kirkwood versus Ormewood Park). Others were run aways (Westside versus Ansley Park). Many readers will be thrilled to know that all actual cities of their own were eliminated in Round 1, probably for that reason based on the comments. Decatur will be weeping for a while over that one. Westside, West End and Adair Park all won their face-offs for an unprecedented showing for the west. Are you surprised by any of the results?

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