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$220K Condo Takes Festive (and Clutter) to a Whole New Level

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Ho-ho-holy clutter! This two-bedroom, two-bath staging nightmare from 1981 has had only one owner for the last 17 years and that person needs a larger living space or serious intervention, stat. The unit itself might just be reasonable, but it's really hard to tell with all of the trees, wreaths and red-and-green decor dominating the space (along with way too many plants, flamingos and a piece of sexually suggestive art). Other units in the same building seem unobjectionable and there is a fireplace (grasping at straws, okay?), but walkability is lacking and the buyer is going to have to invest in some new wall treatments and possibly an exorcist for the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

· 5 Plantation Drive, Unit B [Zillow]