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Comment of the YEAR

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The Curbed Atlanta comments section was chockfull of pithy observations, impassioned rants and vitriolic nonsense all year long. But no one tugged heartstrings and shed light on the predicaments of an often-overlooked demographic like one elderly intowner in September. Let's hope she got things sorted out: "Looking at all this development not only in Midtown ... but elsewhere ITP.... I am beginning to wonder where I will live when my lease comes due. I'm in a 30+ yr.-old complex and have heard that renewals will come with a $250 + rent increase ... YIKES ... I am a very active 70 (year-old) granny and if I have to live with that kind of increase I'll be broke in no time, AND I refuse to budget that much a month for rent. I won't be able to do much else. Not nice, Atlanta developers." — commenter R.M. Edelberg, via Facebook. "Midtown Development Boom Continues With New Proposals"