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A Year Late, Buckhead Dirt Pit Is Finally Becoming a Park

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Buckhead Triangle got its name from the three-sided intersection of Peachtree Road, Roswell Road and the one-block-long Sardis Way — which only exists to allow people to turn from southbound Peachtree to northbound Roswell, or vice-versa. In the center of the intersection sits an area formerly known as Triangle Park. Renamed to honor local philanthropist and Aaron's founder Charlie Loudermilk in 2009, the park has been undergoing an extensive $2.5 million renovation over the last year. With an anticipated completion date of April 2014, the city is, as per usual, running right on time to complete it by April 2015.

The year-long delay, according to Reporter Newspapers, was partially caused by the importance of the roads that border the park. Closing lanes on Peachtree and Roswell roads, both designated as state highways, proved hard to schedule. Additionally, streetscape improvements at the bordering Buckhead Atlanta development took priority over the park project. Executive Director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District Jim Durrett says the park should look, well, park-like by February, and the work should be completed by late March or early April.

Once finished, the snazzy new park will include covered seating, new walkways, a statue of Charlie Loudermilk and a clock tower modeled after the one at University of North Carolina, Loudermilk's alma mater. Don't expect to enjoy the park's serenity for too long though; the area will likely be thrown into construction chaos again with developments from the Hanover Company and the Loudermilk Company on two of the triangle's three sides.

· Loudermilk Park now scheduled for completion in 2015 [Reporter Newspapers]

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