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Kirkwood Bungalow With Turbulant Price History Tries Again

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A quaint, modernized 1935 bungalow on the Southern edge of Kirkwood hit the market Christmas Day, but like the one fruitcake that exists in the world, it isn't its first go-round. Scooped up last year for a paltry $55,000, the home underwent an extensive update before being listed for $234,900 in May 2013. The three-bedroom, two-bath house yo-yoed between the original list price and $212,000 eight times before being yanked from the market in October. It was relisted at the beginning of 2014, went through another price-chop in May, and was removed once again in June. Now back on the market for an affordable $235,000 after clearly having been staged by a professional, the 1,517-square-foot abode is looking fresh and bright for 2015. This place has been relegated to the return rack more often than an ugly Christmas sweater on December 26, but Kirkwood is hot (just ask voters who put the reigning Curbed Cup champion back into this year's Final Four) so maybe 2015 will be this house's year.

· 197 Campbell Street SE [Zillow]