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Final Four Showdown: (6) Kirkwood Vs. (2) Reynoldstown

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This is it. Your last chance to determine which neighborhoods go into the Curbed Cup finals. Who will get the glory? The bragging rights? The nonexistent trophy? Only you can decide. From 16 hardy competitors, voters have whittled this year's contenders down to just four 'hoods. The battle is almost over. Today, reigning champ Kirkwood and scrappy newcomer Reynoldstown enter the ring. Soon, there will be only one. May the best neighborhood prevail! Which one is that? You tell us. You have 24 hours to decide which neighborhood makes it into the finals.

The reigning Curbed Cup champion almost saw its quest for back-to-back wins end during its vicious Round 1 face-off against Ormewood Park and its fervent supporters before going on to take out Adair Park quite handily in Round 2. Interesting new shops and restaurants continue to open in the pedestrian- and bike-friendly downtown village, and you don't even need outlandish amounts of cash to buy a home there. But can the tight-knit community rally enough votes to take it all? They've done it before. Don't count them out.

From the very start, supporters of number 2 seeded Reynoldstown claimed that this was their year to win the Cup — citing walkability, diversity, artiness and the BeltLine as well as yet-to-be-completed transformative developments like the new WonderRoot campus and Elan complex. The rapidly changing 'hood took out strong first-time contender East Atlanta in Round 1 before moving on to destroy the Beltline neighborhood of West End. Now, it is up against the intimidating reigning champ. If 2014 is going to be R'town's year, now is the time to get those voters hyped up for a win.

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