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Recalling Good, Bad ATL Listings from 2014 — in Haikus!

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The crop of Atlanta home listings in 2014 was nothing short of spectacular. Or, in some cases, spectacularly horrendous. We've featured a lot of homes this year, heaping both praise and occasionally justified criticism upon the most outlandish and eye-catching listings in the metro. While much ink was spilled in their previous descriptions — and much more in the comments sections — we chose some of our favorites and distilled them down for you. Here now, the essence of 10 listings from 2014 we won't (or can't) soon forget, in haikus:

333 Nelson Street, Unit 400 (pictured above)
In Castleberry
Pretty Pointy Penthouse Bliss
Sold for a bargain

Undisclosed Location
Forty-eight million
For real, forty-eight million
Forty-eight million

714 Antone Street
Mod block foreclosure
Lots of bathrooms all in white
Slick and minimal

1350 Dogwood Road
Theater like Fox
Your own LA Fitness too
Snellville home lingers

3865 Northside Drive
Bath for narcissist
Nice contempo, but bath scares
Sold for much, much less

3451 Paces Valley Road
Pin-stripe wallpaper
Drop-ceilings and retro-ness
Gaud-filled, on market

747 Ralph McGill Boulevard
Fish-eye listing pics
Who the hell does shit like that?
Absolved for the price

442 Cain Street
Best views in city
Metal fortress sits alone
Now yanked from market

2828 Peachtree, Unit PH3203
Icy white penthouse
Frozen sequel narrative
Killer HOAs

121 Wesley Avenue
Yawn-town moves in town
Edgewood suburbia hurts
Still on the market