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Coming Soon: O4W Townhomes WEST of Boulevard

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The Old Fourth Ward building boom may have enough steam to cross the most daunting of obstacles: Boulevard. Developers are itching to build roughly 38 townhouses on the southwest corner of Angier Avenue and Felton Drive, an intersection about three blocks west of ATL's most notorious mononymous thoroughfare.

Kevin Maher of PlaceMaker Design put together plans for the project. He said his group should, after more than a year of trying, finally get a land disturbance permit the first week of January. "Once we have the permit the developer will tear down the existing apartments," Maher said. "There will be a couple months of site work before any townhouses start construction." More visually appealing renderings have not yet surfaced for the so-called "Central Park Townhomes" (a name that might change, Maher said), but an original site plan shows the homes clustered in long contiguous groups, a little bit of greenspace and a smallish pool. At 2,200 and 2,300 square feet, the project's only two floorplans will be similarly sized.

The onslaught of development in the Old Fourth Ward — driven largely by Ponce City Market and the Beltline — has been well-documented here and elsewhere. That said, this project would be one of the first of any real significance to grace the western side of Boulevard, a street that has troubled Atlantans (and police) for decades. If the Central Park Townhomes become a reality (and a success), it could mean a tidal wave of development for the "other half" of the rapidly gentrifying O4W. You can decide for yourself if that's a good or a bad thing, but keep in mind that one of the homes that previously rested on this property was, uh, "spotlighted" by Atlanta magazine last year under this headline: "The walls of 375 Angier Avenue — finally — come tumbling down."

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· The walls of 375 Angier Avenue — finally — come tumbling down. [Atlanta magazine]