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Architecture Firm Buys Old Reynoldstown Church. Now What?

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Earlier this week, local architecture and planning firm Kronberg Wall posted this on Facebook: "So. We now own a church. More to come soon." What church, you ask? This one! Eric Kronberg confirmed to Curbed Atlanta that his firm has purchased the 1889 church at 889 Wylie St. in Reynoldstown. Long on the market, the granite structure — located at the western corner of Wylie and Selman streets — weighs in at 5,368 square feet and offers plenty of potential. Krongberg Wall will be taking the church's main level — complete with original heart-pine floors and 20 stained-glass windows — for themselves, but they'll also be "looking to lease out the lower level," Kronberg said.

What that lower level might become is anyone's guess — the current MRC-1 zoning could conceivably allow for damn near anything, from office space to a restaurant to some very unique lofts. Krongberg said to expect a new entry to the church's first floor, though, sadly, renderings aren't quite ready for release.

Online property records (which don't include the Kronberg transaction yet) show the church was last sold in 2008, when a group called Magnetic Properties purchased it for $300,000 in hopes of converting it into a music venue. The structure's most recent (and maybe only?) incarnation as an actual place of worship was as Bearden Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Kronberg declined to reveal his firm's purchase price, but most recent listings include an asking price of $599,900 — steep, sure, but maybe not all that bad for a massive 130-year-old space with plenty of history and walkability to MARTA, the Beltline (eventually) and Krog Street Market.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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