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After Colossal Price-Chop, Flipped 1930 House Tries Again

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Here we find a large four-bedroom Craftsman touted by the listing agent as being "Kirkwood's finest." Which makes it hard to explain why the asking price has been chopped consistently down to $399,900, from a starting point about $80,000 higher. Maybe the sellers were initially overzealous, but the house is certainly large (3,100 square feet) and its transformation from a 1930s bungalow appears solid. The remodel splurges on contemporary flourishes (the kitchen, all bathrooms, the ubiquitous espresso hardwoods) while retaining century-old aspects (the brick fireplace). It's within probably a 10-minute walk of the Kirkwood Village — and a baseball's toss from the new Drew Charter School and East Lake Golf Club. Google images from 2012 indicate the home used to face busy Memorial Drive, so at least the reconfigured front entrance makes that sticking point a little less obvious. Before its recent delisting, the home had come on the market earlier this year and swiftly became cheaper and cheaper. And cheaper. What gives?

· 205 Watson Circle SE [Zillow]