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For $1.3M, 'Oldest Home in Atlanta' Comes with a Qualifier

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Eight years older than Atlanta, an antebellum estate on the northwestern fringes of Buckhead — a bona fide survivor of Sherman's fiery campaign through Georgia — likely has some stories to tell. However, like most Atlantans, the 1839 home isn't actually an Atlanta native; rather, it was moved down from the town of Resaca in Gordon County in the 1950s. Nonetheless, the historic abode retains much of its original charm, supplemented by some pretty horrendous mid-century upgrades. Seemingly original wide-plank and intricate moulding lends the charming cottage an essence of Tara, while the orange tile floors and blue backsplash of the kitchen lend an essence of terrible. With four bedrooms, including a master which fills the entire second floor, and three bathrooms, the 3,972 square foot home would suit Scarlett O'Hara just fine. While the $1.29 million price point might seem steep for some, the history of the home is bound to entice a buyer.

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