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Slick Little Five Points Bungalow Hankers for $465K

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This 1910 bungalow at the cusp of Little Five Points beckons the closet hipster who pulls six figures by day. It's a smooth blend of classic Atlanta and clean modernity. And that's exemplified in the master bathroom, with its generous use of frameless glass and old-school tiles that compliment each other rather than clash. The cozy, brick-y, private front porch overlooks the backside of L5P, which is what probably inspires the listing agent to declare, "You won't find this much charm anywhere else!" Moving along, we find a pro-grade but spartan kitchen that literally looks like a restaurant's. (Howdy, exposed garbage disposal!) If that's a minus for lovers of cozy kitchens, they should concentrate on the pretty, historic trim that runs amok in these three bedrooms. The $465,000 ask isn't chump change, especially when the square footage (1,613) is comparable to a larger two-bedroom loft around here. Then again, one-block proximity to the Vortex is worth at least $175,000.

· 1209 Euclid Ave. NE [Trulia]