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Derelict Garage with 'Magical History' Seeks a Visionary

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A concrete-block, double-bay garage dating from just after World War II has been listed for sale in Summerhill, just two blocks from Turner Field. Arguably, the garage is poised to reap great benefits should the 55-acre redevelopment of the adjacent neighborhood happen, but there's a hint of hyperbole in the optimistic real estate agent's claims of "limitless potential" and "magical history." The listing shows a rendering of what the garage could look like with a little bit of work drastic overhaul, including a soaring window-wall, sleek wood cladding and a gorgeous rooftop terrace, which the agent calls "the most brilliant home/office in Atlanta" and "a modern live/work/play wonderland." Someone willing to take the gamble, if the neighborhood does turn around, could be in for a nice return on $100,000. However, should things not go to plan, they could be left with a derelict garage next door to the saddest large property Atlanta has ever known.

· 670 Terry Street SE [Estately]

Turner Field

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